Welcome To FTMPC 2.0

In the monotonous extension of the quarantined days of another year of covid-19, NDITC presents its second annual programming contest, the sequel of FTMPC 1.0, Father Timm Memorial Programming Contest - 2.0. This contest is expected to attain a hallmark as one of the biggest programming contests of the country, with contestants from all over Bangladesh.
So - are you ready to break the code?

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Reboot your computer, boost up your mind because FTMPC 2.0 is here. We promised to spice up this event and here is the spice, we are the first club in Bangladesh giving out real gold, silver and bronze medal in school and college levels. So buckle up to face the coders from all around the country.
Check the following video for further AWESOMENESS!!


What is FTMPC?

The lockdown has been quite a big problem for the general public, but to the programming creed, not so much. Asides from code forces and other online platforms, you programmers must indeed have missed some of your . . .home tourneys. But no worries - Father Timm Memorial Programming Contest - 2.0 is here. Brought to you by Notre Dame Information Technology Club and in memory of our revered late Father Richard William Timm, this contest is a follow up to the FTMPC - 1.0, one of the largest programming contests of the country.And this time, the suffix 2.0 will brew a whole new level of coding spice for you

What is NDITC?

Notre Dame Information Technology Club (NDITC), a co-curricular activities club of the prestigious Notre Dame College, has started its journey on 2018, to promote and support learning and interaction within areas related to information systems and technology, to share new ideas and to encourage recreational activities in these areas.

Our Community

An online community is here which serves the purpose of posting articles, commenting on it, asking and answering any question and so on. So why not becoming a part of it? Check https://community.nditc.org/ and you'll get that for sure.












September 24th



The contest platform will be CMS. Contest platform link was sent via mail and SMS.

3:00pm - 7:00pm

Closing Ceremony

Will be held on facebook live.

8:00pm - onwards